State Border Committee of the Republic of Belarus

ASBC «Berkut-B» is designed to:  

  • automate border crossing work of Border Force officers; 
  • raise border control reliability and quality;
  • shorten timing of control operations at checkpoints;
  • organize automated tracking and control of border crossing, illegal actions at borders and passport and visas regime violations;
  • raise efficiency of Border Force officers; 
  • raise authenticity and information control;
  • organize intradepartmental information exchange on border crossing issues;
  • cancel a permitting mark of a Belarusian citizen temporary traveling abroad.

ASBC «Berkut-B» Main Automated Workstations (AWS):

  AWS of Inspector

     Main functions: 

  • tracking individuals and vehicles crossing the border at checkpoints;
  • efficient document control;
  • restriction list personal identity verification; 
  • registration of individuals and vehicles attempting to cross the border with violations of rules;
  • access to a reference data database.   

ASW of Inspector developed for handheld devices:

    Handheld ASW of Inspector:

Handheld ASW of Inspector for Android:

«Regula» handheld and mobile devices of a different modification are used by checkpoint inspectors for reading and recognition of information from provided documents.

AWS of Database Administrator

     Main functions: 

  • user accounts maintenance;
  • user access rights differentiation of system functions;
  • main system parameters setting;
  • system reports setting;  
  • system activity log keeping;
  • user activity log keeping;
  • mail services administration. 

Web AWS of Border Forces

Main functions:

  • tracking of individuals crossing a border at checkpoints;
  • tracking of detained goods transported across a border with violation of rules;
  • tracking detected invalid documents;
  • documenting border crossing violations;
  • preparation of statistical reporting on gathered information;
  • activity log keeping;
  • keeping records of work;
  • database search (traffic, violations, lists) by multiple criteria;
  • schedules maintenance;
  • personnel record maintenance.

AWS Lists

     Main functions: 

  • search and editing of lists containing information about border crossing restrictions and control; 
  • download of submitted lists;
  • refining of activated orientation . 

AWS of Reporting

 Main functions: 

  • composing of statistical reports in MS Word и MS Excel;
  • editing of checkpoint groups;
  • editing of country groups.

AWS of Unified System of Classifying and Coordination

    Main functions: 

  • composing and storage of classified information;
  • normalization of database structures of any level ;
  • unified representation and generalization of data;  
  • automated distribution of changes to any system level.

AWS of Reference Data

 Main functions: 

  • supply of practical and valid reference data to users;
  • storage and editing in MS Word, MS Excel, PDF following data types:

Besides basic automated workstations «Berkut-B» offers a number of effective information modules and subsystems which allow to operate with diversified database information and are crucial for maintenance of the efficient work and information security of the Border Forces.