UIS «Berkut»


Committee for State Security of the Republic of Kazakhstan
United Information System «Berkut» (UIS «Berkut») is
the integrated automated system which is used for the information exchange between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Border Forces of the Committee for State Security and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
used in consular posts of the Ministry of Internal Affairs; at air, railway, vehicle, naval, river checkpoints of the Republic of Kazakhstan; at migration police checkpoints for foreign citizens registration.

UIS «Berkut» is designed for:
entering and confirmation of information on visa facilitation;
forming united accumulated database of visa information;
access to granted visa information at checkpoints;
registration and tracking of individuals crossing the state border;
efficient control of documents;
checking individuals and documents on control lists;
registration and tracking violators of the state border;
activity log keeping;
database search (traffic, violations, lists) by multiple criteria;
schedules maintenance;
personnel record maintenance;
preparation of statistical and analytical reports on gathered information;
registration of border crossing and violation of rules of stay in the Republic of Kazakhstan by foreign citizens.

Currently UIS «Berkut» is being developed successfully and undergoes changes in acquiring new features connected with adoption of biometric passports and ID-cards and requirements of dactyloscopic and genome registration.

UIS «Berkut» Main Automated Workstation (AWS):

1. AWS of Inspector

Main functions:
registration and tracking individuals and vehicles crossing the border at checkpoints;
efficient control of documents;
checking documents on restriction lists;
access to a visa information database;
registration of individuals and vehicles attempting to cross the border with violations of rules;
access to a reference data database.

AWS of Inspector is designed for handheld devices as well. They allow checkpoint inspectors to work in both network and local modes.

2. AWS of Border Forces

Main functions:
tracking of individuals crossing a border at checkpoints;
tracking of detained goods transported across a border with violation of rules;
tracking detected invalid documents;
documenting border crossing violations;
preparation of statistical reporting on gathered information;
activity log keeping;
database search of traffic, violations, control lists;
schedules maintenance;
personnel record maintenance.

3. AWS of Database Administrator

Main functions:
user accounts maintenance;
user access rights differentiation of system functions;
main system parameters setting;
system reports setting;
system activity log keeping;
user activity log keeping;
mail services administration.

4. AWS of Analytics

Main functions:
forming of analytical reports based on all data in the database on individuals, vehicles, violations and violators;
search of documents by specified conditions;
display of search results in a form of a list with possibility of grouping;
forming of dynamic reports;
download of data into intermediate programs.

5. AWS of Information Exchange

Main function:
information exchange and synchronization between server database of a checkpoint and AWS of Inspector (if local mode is required).

Besides basic automated workstations «Berkut-B» offers a number of effective information modules and subsystems which allow to operate with diversified database information and are crucial for maintenance Border Force efficient work and information security. [whohit]kberkuten[/whohit]