Interactive Map


Committee for State Security of the Republic of Kazakhstan
The Subsystem of Audit and Monitoring was designed as a component of UIS «Berkut» for the Border Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan. It allows to:

on interactive Web-map of Kazakhstan,
in user’s language,
according to access rights

receive data on passport control in air, vehicle, railway, river and naval checkpoints on:

border crossing,
detected violations,
matches in control lists,
other efficient and accumulated information.

Interactive map allows user to:

continuously observe current activity at checkpoints next to the border in its dynamic progress:

visibly – a checkpoint mark changes its color on the map
graphically – incidents list is formed in tabular form

review registered passengers and violators data at checkpoints chosen by user over a desirable period:

scan activity under given parameters:

Besides, to:

form statistical and analytical reports on passengers and violators under chosen conditions and in convenient for user format;
administrate user structure of the system and information on checkpoints. [whohit]mapen[/whohit]