We are proud of the success of our ​colleague!

Due to information technologies, we simplify our life - speed up our work, develop new projects and programs, increase the efficiency of companies. 
It turns out that all these are great specialists, including the employees of "Todes"!

Alexander Nesterovich, an employee of our company, before joining us, completed the course "Programming in Java" and "Industrial software development in Java" at the IT-Academy.   

I got a job at Todes immediately after studying at the IT-Academy. Throughout three years, he successfully developing, gaining new knowledge and experience. And he also shares his skills with others, teaching the course "Fundamentals of Computer Science" at the IT-Academy. To date, Sasha has already graduated 4 (at the moment already 10) groups of beginners specialist and this is just the beginning of his long and interesting journey in teaching.   

Sasha answered questions for those who are interested in information technology and for those who have a desire to have a career in IT:   

- How do you approach students?   

Sasha's answer: 

- It's very simple, I went through all these stages myself, starting from zero and up to the developer. I started with self-study, read books, tried to write code. But in the end, I didn’t have enough structured knowledge to find my first job. 
And then I decided to sign up for the courses. After completing the course, I immediately found a job at Todes and successfully work as a developer here.
We asked perhaps the most interesting question: 
- How to understand that "programming is mine"? 

Sasha's answer: 
- When I went to the courses and started to practice, for me time began to fly at the speed of light. I think everyone has heard and knows the phrase “I just ask”, and so, with programming it’s the same with me, like I just opened the condition of the problem to read, and then a couple of hours flew by imperceptibly in attempts to implement the idea of solving the problem. If you are passionate about something and really do not notice the time, then it is really yours. You just live it.   
The main thing in everything is your desire and motivation!   

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