Videoconferencing Plus 

The Videoconferencing Plus subsystem is not just a subsystem for videoconferencing, it is a whole hardware and software complex for closed networks where security, data confidentiality and the ability to integrate with existing information systems of an organization or enterprise are important. The subsystem has all the necessary functions: online logging (audio, video, text), the ability to save meetings, flexible access rights, the ability to generate meeting tags (tags) for easy search by protocol.  

The Videoconferencing Plus subsystem is:


The Videoconferencing Plus subsystem is a comprehensive videoconferencing and collaboration solution that includes the provision, monitoring and management of all components - audio recordings, video recordings, digital signature, text editor, conference room solution, projectors and other peripherals. 

Great integration possibilities.

The subsystem has all the necessary capabilities for integration and interaction with other electronic devices, applications and video conferencing systems, and can also be integrated into the information system of an enterprise or organization.   

The main functions of the subsystem:

1. Record keeping with audio and video recording.   

2. Possibility of text logging using the built-in text editor, with the ability to select preconfigured templates from the directory.

3. Recording of actions is necessary in the minutes of the meeting.      

4. Working with media files: viewing, playback, adding, source selection.      

5. Working with meeting labels: search, add, delete, reorder.       

6. Transfer of the results of the meeting for familiarization, consideration, approval to interested parties and management.   

7. Possibility of signing the minutes of the EDS meeting.
8. Export meeting minutes for offline editing.
9. Import meeting minutes after offline editing.
10. Organization of storage of a database of audio, video files.
11. Ensuring data security.  

The main advantage of the Videoconferencing Plus subsystem is the ability to work with serial equipment of various vendors that meets the requirements of the subsystem.  

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