TODES Ltd has developed and supplied the Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) "Dacto 2000".

AFIS is intended for conduct of the fingerprint account and checking latent prints, withdrawn from crime places, on array of ten print cards persons, consisting on fingerprint accounts in Expert-Criminalistic Divisions (ECD).The AFIS also is intended for use in law enforcement bodies, for fingerprint registration of citizens and in various purpose identification systems.      


AFIS configuration is selected according to requirements of the customer from a single computer system up to multilevel systems of a federal level. For the faster effect of the AFIS installation we suggest hardware and salvo ten prints input. The qualified training of users is carried out after the system installation. 

In 1993, TODES Ltd. on the basis of ADIS "Dactomat" was created the National Automated Fingerprint Identification System "Dacto 2000" of the Republic of Belarus. 

AFIS "DACTO 2000" has a number of principle changes and additions. The first, it concerns processing and searching algorithms of fingerprint information. Automated Work Places (AWP) interface has a number of changes and additions too. It makes more easer and more demonstrative the work of users. 

High accuracy and reliability of search are confirmed with long-term practice of AFIS use in law enforcement agencies and repeated full-scale tests of system with respective conclusions of Expert Criminalistic Division of Russian and Ukrainian Ministries of Interior.

Development stages (testing):

The module principle is used for building AFIS of different levels (regional, republican, federal and etc.). This allows creating multilevel systems for storing and processing fingerprint information with volume from tens thousands to tens millions ten prints.

Main possibilities

AFIS provides such features with input images:

System architecture

AFIS “DACTO2000” includes a number of modules united into the "Client" and "Server" parts of the system.  

The "Client" modules form the Automated Work Places (AWP) of the system:

The "Server" modules assure process of comparison of fingerprint sample data with fingerprint mass data, selection and sorting according to degree of probability of coincidence with mass data sample:

System software and hardware requirements

Standard personal computers, peripherals, network and communication equipment is used for AFIS system. Applied software is designed for MS Windows operating system – Windows 7/ 10/ 11. 

The "Server" modules of the system are implemented to operate in Windows Server 2016/ 2019/ 2022. 

RDBMS ORACLE (Enterprise, Workgroup, and Personal) is used as system component of the "Server" part of AFIS for mentioned above hardware and system platforms.  

Additional possibilities

The AFIS "DACTO 2000" is organized on the principle of "Open systems" which makes it possible to organize information interaction with other "Open systems" of various purposes. At present, it is possible to interact with the AS “BERKUT”, "PASSPORT", AS "OCIF" and AS "Crime Stiller" in law-enforcement bodies of the Republic of Belarus. 

A division for “salvo” input of fingerprint information was created to receive the maximum effect of AFIS installation. The division is placed in Minsk and has 40 work places. The work is organized in 2 changes. 

Special software and high qualification of personnel, having 4 year experience, allow at present to input 5500-6000 ten print cards per day. More then 5 000 000 ten print cards were processed for this time. The division can input latent prints too.